Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Review: Coronary artery stents and non-cardiac surgery

The May 2007 issue of the BJA has an excellent review about patients with coronary stents who need non-cardiac surgery. The main concern is that these patients are on anti-platelet therapy (often dual), which may need to be continued for life, but later present for surgery. Cessation of these drugs may cause stent thrombosis and an acute coronary syndrome. The review offers advice about substitutes for antiplatelet therapy in the perioperative period, and discusses the pros and cons of bare metal stents versus drug eluting stents. This is very topical considering the recent debate in the general medical literature (see other blog entries labeled 'stent')

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  1. did you look at the Carp study? that was Dec 2004, I think; lead author was Mcfalls from the US VA system. I am still digesting the implications of those findings