Thursday, 30 August 2007

SAFE study: long-term patient outcome

The NEJM has a post-hoc follow-up study of the original SAFE study (albumin v saline for resuscitation of ICU patients). The investigators followed the outcome of the traumatic brain injury subgroup for survival at two years after injury. The saline group had significantly better survival. Overall 71 of 214 patients in the albumin group (33.2%) had died, as compared with 42 of 206 in the saline group (20.4%) (relative risk, 1.63 P=0.003). For severe brain injury (GCS 3-8), 61 of 146 patients in the albumin group (41.8%) died, as compared with 32 of 144 in the saline group (22.2%) (relative risk, 1.88; 95%). This outcome had previously been suspected from the original SAFE study paper. The original SAFE study from 2004 can be read here

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