Thursday, 15 May 2008

POISE study published in The Lancet

The POISE study, (metoprolol versus placebo in high risk surgical patients) has just been published. The key findings were fewer MIs but more deaths. The publication was fast tracked, and it is on the Lancet website only. Should be in a print issue soon. The responses will be interesting to read, especially from cardiologists. This is the largest ever RCT in perioperative patients.

See also the associated editorial by luminaries Fleischer and Poldermans, who have been supporters of perioperative beta-blocker therapy. They still advise cautious use of beta-blockers for tachycardia in at risk patients.

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  1. The dose seems large to me. 200mg per day oral or 15mg IV.The invesigators siad this was well within formulary guidelines. I think the dose should have been 50mg BD as often seen the this trial would be more applicable to our patient population.