Saturday, 18 July 2009

Rationing Health Care by Peter Singer

Peter Singer is a noted philosopher and professor of ethics at Princeton. In this article he makes clear an insightful argument why we can not afford everything we want in health care - even if privately insured. There will not be enough money in the Gross Domestic Product of even wealthy nations to pay for it all. It is good to see this discussion in the public arena. This is recommended reading for all doctors and their patients.


  1. I agree with the basic tenet that health care rationing is done everywhere and necessary; however, his promotion of centralized govt planning is concerning. Free Markets should be the main player in providing quality at the best price. In order for free markets to work properly, the consumer must be informed of their choices and given ample options to choose from thus spurring competition. This is the recipe for the american success story thus far.-

  2. The American health success story is great for those with money but it is less successful for those without...