Tuesday, 26 May 2015

On taking notice – learning mindfulness from (Boston) Brahmins. NEJM March 2015.

If you think "mindfulness" is a very relevant concept and at least a partial antidote in the mad world of modern medicine, this article is for you. Relax, get yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy a well written article that articulates beautifully how thinking "in the moment" can be a wonderful source of connection and reassurance for patients otherwise stressed by a busy system. All of us have many opportunities every day to enact this sort of behaviour, yes even in anaesthetic practice...

If you think "mindfulness" is a touchy feely concept for new age namby pambies, this article is also for you. You're just going to have to suppress that judgment for about 7 minutes until you've finished reading it. 7 minutes because you'll need 5 minutes of uninterrupted time to read the article and another 2 uninterrupted minutes afterwards to just sit, take it in, and look honestly for the relevant aspects to your clinical or personal life. If, after 7 minutes, your original point of view comes back, then give up trying to relax, you're beyond help... Give it a go.


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