Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Epidural analgesia in patients with traumatic rib fractures: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials. ActaAnaesScand July 2015.

This article undertakes a systemic review of the evidence of benefit or harm of continuous epidural analgesia (CEA) vs other analgesic interventions from RCTs in patients with traumatic rib fractures as of July 2014. It uses the guidelines recommended by the Cochrane Collaboration . Overall it included six trials including 223 patients, and determined that in these studies there was currently no evidence of statistical difference in outcomes of mortality, duration of mechanical ventilation or pneumonia between CEA and other analgesic interventions. It pointed out that the included trials showed a potential for a high risk of bias. The analysis showed that the amount of information currently available to accurately determine whether there is a clinical benefit or harm with the use of continuous epidural analgesia vs other analgesic techniques (such as systemic opioids, paravertebral block etc) is inadequate and that a good quality large RCT is required in this patient population to provide accurate outcome information.


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